Panasonic Inverter Air Conditioner KIT-RE9-QKE


Home use air conditioning unit with A++ energy rating. Wall mounted, with outside unit. 9000 Btu.


Panasonic Air Conditioning’s outstanding energy saving performance with Inverter technology and a high-performance compressor provides top-class operating efficiency (A++). After reaching the set temperature quickly, the power will be adjusted smoothly to keep the temperature constant. So, there will be no sharp temperature changes and you will save power. The ample range of output powers also guarantees a pleasant temperature at all times, even when the number of people in the room fluctuates. This way, Inverter air conditioners provide more precise temperature control than non-Inverter models.

Panasonic Air Conditioning have succeeded in making one of the most silent air conditioners on the market. Panasonic air conditioner’s indoor operating noise has been reduced by 3dB as the Inverter constantly varies its output power to enable more precise temperature control. In comparison, a non-Inverter air conditioner controls the temperature by switching on and off. The indoor unit noise rating is 22Db

The new slim profile indoor unit has a reduced height of 290mm, allowing installation above door openings and windows. The new multiple stage heat exchanger is folded to form a surround to the upper section of the fan enclosure. This ensures low air velocity, and reduced sound levels, whilst delivering high performance and efficiency.


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