Ferroli Bluehelix Pro Slim Gas Boiler 27kw


Ferroli BLUEHELIX PRO Slim 27 Condensing gas boiler. High energy efficiency pump giving 20% gas savings included. 27.0 kW rating.

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Instant mixed condensing wall mounted gas boiler from Ferroli. The BLUEHELIX PRO SLIM offers 27.0 kW of power with microaccumulation, provides instant hot water, greater comfort and greater water savings. It is an ecological non-contaminating boiler, emits a lower emission of CO2 and NOx, with 80% less NOx than a standard boiler. It is available in several types of gas: Natural gas and Propane gas. It is listed as the smallest condensing boiler in the market. High energy efficiency pump included.

Technical characteristics of the Ferroli BLUEHELIX Pro Slim 27 C boiler

  • Mixed condensing boilers with useful powers of 27 kW.
  • Reduced bottom (250 mm) for integration in any space.
  • Energy efficiency class A for heating and DHW (Domestic Hot Water) with XL load profile.
  • High energy efficiency pump included.
  • Sound level below 50 dB: maximum comfort.
  • It presents a microaccumulation system with A.C.S. immediate, greater comfort, less waiting and greater water savings.
  • Ecological boiler 80% less NOx emissions compared to other standard boilers.

Provided with flue and fitting kit. Price shown here excludes IVA / VAT.


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