Junkers Bosch Cerapur Gas Boiler ZWB 28-3 CE


Junkers Bosch Model ZWB 28-3 CE23 Cerapur smart mixed condensing boiler comes with flue and fitting kit
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BOSCH JUNKERS Cerapur Smart ZWB 28-3 CE, condensing boiler.

Heating energy efficiency class: A,

Energy efficiency class of water heating: A,

Nominal thermal power: 24 KW,

Seasonal energy efficiency of space heating 93%,

dimensions in cm: L 40.0 – D 35.0 – H 85.0.

Combined wall condensation boiler, heating and instantaneous production of domestic hot water 22 KW model in heating and 28 KW for domestic hot water production. Propane with flue and fitting kit.


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