Domusa Clima Plus H Oil Boiler


Domusa Oil Fired boiler with 27kW output. Comes complete with extraction flue.

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New Domusa boiler that meets the new European ERP regulations for energy efficiency and labeling.

Kw Power: 26.7
ACS Production: 12.2 l/m

The CLIMA PLUS H boiler from Domusa with a thermal power of 26.7 kW made of special steel sheet, with thermal-acoustic insulation of both the body and the enclosures makes these boilers achieve more performance and lower sound level. On the other hand, the CLIMA PLUS H boiler incorporates the DOMESTIC burner capable of offering an optimal air-diesel oil mixture and thus obtaining a combustion with very low polluting emissions. The quality of the special anti-corrosion steel on which it is built makes the CLIMA PLUS H boiler have almost unlimited life. With a high performance produced by its large exchange area and combustion optimization.

The Clima Plus H boiler gives great reliability in all its components. Its automated operation guarantees a stable domestic hot water temperature. Two parameters stand out, user ease and functionality as well as accessibility. The aesthetics of the CLIMA PLUS H boiler is easily integrated into a kitchen, in the CLIMA PLUS H model it is necessary to avoid fixed countertops that prevent access from the top of the Caldera. It consists of an equipment that highlights the domestic hot water exchanger in stainless steel that allows large productions of domestic hot water and the automatic drain with drip safety. The CLIMA PLUS H boiler from Domusa gives maximum performance for heating and domestic hot water in addition to its ease of installation.

Features :

  • Robust construction
  • Low noise level
  • High performance
  • Reliability
  • Stable domestic hot water temperature
  • Easy for the user
  • Nice aesthetics

Provided with flue outlet. Price does not include VAT/IVA.


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