Ariston Kairos Thermo solar water heater 300L


Ariston Kairos solar water heating system with 300 litre water tank.

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Indirect thermosiphon solar system for sanitary water heating.

Kairos Thermo HF range, thanks to its horizontal design and your semi-integrated accumulator, as any other solar kit impact minimized in housing because it reduces by 30% the maximum height.  Hydraulic circuit to optimize the amount of ACS produced on the basis of the available solar radiation. Simple installation thanks to fast connections and self-supporting chassis. High-performance collector to ensure higher temperature of ACS. Shorter warm-up times (-4 h). Design which reduces the visual impact. More comfort temperature high (+ 15 ° C). Certification system Solarkeymark.

This system comprises a 300 litre water tank. A 200 litre version is available.


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